Travelling Australia With Kids
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TAWK Trip Tracker


The TAWK Trip Tracker is a great way to record your travels.  The small ones are great for the kids to have their own map and draw the line of their travels round the county - a great way for them to record their own trip.  Then being A4 size, perfect for filing in with their school books AND showing their teachers and school mates when they return to school.

A chance for them to highlight their favourite spots, show where they stopped and educationally to reinforce all the places they've visited and know where they are.  A way for them to track, personalise and most of all remember their trip.

The A3 TAWK Trip Tracker is a bigger map* to either put up in your caravan or fix it to your camping table - every night it will be a point of discussion - where you have been and where you are going. We have a Laminated copy or Magnetic.

The Magnetic Maps are Great for displaying on your car or fridge.  In A4 or A3 they are a perfect conversation piece for your family and friends and a great way to show off your trip!

    ALSO a great gift for grandparents or family and friends as a parting gift for them to track your trip with you and display it to their friends too.  It keeps them involved.  Both sets of grandparents tracked our trip with us and it helped them to cope and be part of our travels.

    *We no longer supply the A2 sized maps as we found they were not viable financially to post to you - but suggest you grab the Download Map and get one printed at your local printers or Officeworks.