Anti Flap Kit - Caravan Awning
Anti Flap Kit - Caravan Awning

Anti Flap Kit - Caravan Awning

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One of our favourite and most needed items for our caravan - the Aussie made Anti Flat Kit for the caravan awning.

You know when you get those windy days and the awning just flaps and you seriously think it might flap away!?  Well, with this great Aussie made piece of equipment you'll feel much more confident that it will stay.

Simply attach the Multi-Purpose Tarp Grippers, 2 on either side of your caravan awning, feed the bungee cord through the hole on the Tarp Gripper, around the caravan awning arm and onto the hook on the Tarp Gripper. This will secure your awning and reduce the flapping significantly. 

Other Uses:

  • Tie down shade wall
  • Use with tent poles
  • Helps prevent eyelets tearing out of tarps
  • replacement for torn eyelets on tarps
  • camping, boating and much more.


    • 4 Tarp Grippers & 4 Bungee cords.

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