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Best Natural Deodorant


This is the Best Natural Deodorant we have found.  Now I've tried lots and sometimes...they do not live up to my expectations.  Then we found this one and both hubby and I are impressed (and he works in the North of WA - so hot and humid!).

We think you will think it too.

Natural Deodorant surely is the best way to go nowadays. We have two scents for you to choose from:

  • Original - Bergamot, Lime, Patchouli and Cypress
  • Exotic - Rose Geranium, Patchouli and Sandalwood

With no aluminum and no chemicals! Our Natural Deodorant contains: Witch Hazel and Ethanol - to assist with the excessive sweating, Aloe Vera gel - cleansing and healing.  Vegetable Glycerin to combine the mix, Sodium bi-carbonate - linked to helping to fight fungal, Xanthium Gum - a natural thickener and Essential Oils. 

60ml plastic roll on bottle