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Tooth Fairy OR Incense house


Tooth Fairy House OR Incense Cone Burner

This cute little fairy/pixie cottage, hand made in WA is designed to have an incense cone or a tea light burnt inside. HOWEVER, we think it's perfect as a  little tooth fairy house!  You know how difficult it is sometimes for the Tooth Fairy to pop some money under the pillow, especially in bunks!  This way the kids can leave it in the house on the side table or shelf.

If you use do it as an incense burner, the smoke will puff out of the chimney and the ash will stay on the tile provided.  Quite a quirky little thing to sit on your camp table and keep the Mozzies away at the same time!

It is also pretty cute with a little tea-light inside but it may get hot when the candle is burning, so as with any candles please take caution.

We think it is also the perfect partner to burn the Pesky Pest Incense Cones in! (you can buy these separately).  Much much better than those awful Mozzie Coils which are full of chemicals. (Google it, it's a bit scary!)

Sizes and styles may vary as all individually hand made but you're looking at approx 10cm tall.