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Pegless Clothesline

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This has to be one of MY favourite items when camping!  I use mine all the time when camping and strangely enough my kids love to use them too!  Meaning that their bathers don't end up on the floor.  They find the sliding mechanism easy (easier than pegs apparently as they never seem to peg their bathers on them!) and that works for me.

It's a pegless line with anchor points you can attach anywhere, and simply slide the clothes into the slots to dry.  It is fully portable, making it quick and easy to bring an entire line of washing indoors in one go, in case of rain.

Each pack is 2 metres long, containing 12 links. There are 24 slots for your washing so equivalent to 24 pegs.  Personally I would grab 2 but you might like to grab at least one pack first and see how your go.