Travelling Australia With Kids
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Soap and Roaps


Our Soap and Roaps are a great way to keep the kids clean, as they like to use them!  You know what it's like, you are trying to get the kids showered and it's a struggle.  The kids love these and you have 2 options:

The Soap with the long roap is a natural soap is hand molded and then encased with jute rope wrapped in cotton netting. In this soap there is pumice stone throughout with helps to remove ground in dirt. Let's face it they do tend to get grubby sometimes! This soap contains lavender and tea tree essential oils. It's about the size of a cricket ball.

The Soap with a roap handle is also a natural soap, also hand molded and then encased with jute rope wrapped in cotton netting.  The kids - or you can pop your hand in the rope and wash away the day.  Helps for the soap not to continually hit the shower floor! This soap contains lemon scented eucalyptus essential oil.

THEY LAST FOREVER!  (well not literally but seriously; a long time!)

The soaps are made cold pressed method right from scratch. No melt and pour! We guarantee that the soaps are gentle on the skin, without dryness or irritation. Especially good for sensitive skin and those with skin problems. They are long lasting and customers have stated that they are wonderfully surprised how long they last. Much longer than commercially purchased soaps! YAY!

They are made with a vegetable oil (base) coconut oil (lather) olive oil (softening on skin) lye (purified water/sodium hydroxide). This is dispersed from the soap during the spoonification of the soap, then added essential oil, fragrant oil - all of course depending on what you choose.