Travelling Australia With Kids
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TAWK Download Pack


In the digital world that we live it, you really can get instant access to everything.  So if you are keen to get started on your TAWK Plans, then we have some digital products for you.

  • TAWK Guide eBook - All the help you need to get started and answering many of your FAQ. More info here..
  • TAWK Quiz eBook - Great way to pass those long hours in the car and help with educating the kids (and possibly you) at that same time. More info here..
  • TAWK Finance Tracker  -  Helps you to see how much the trip might cost and then tracks your finances as you go. More info here..
  • TAWK Download Map - The TAWK Trip Tracker that you can download and print off at your leisure in the size that you want. (A1 would be the biggest we'd suggest)

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