Travelling Australia With Kids
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Natural Soap


Buy 4 and get a discounted price.

Our TAWK soap is handmade and natural. It's guaranteed to be gentle on the skin, without dryness or irritation. Especially good for sensitive skin and skin problems. It will last longer than commercially purchased soaps.

Bars are approx 100gm

The Aussie shaped soap makes a perfect gift for those you leave behind or for those just about to head off to get them in the TAWK Mood! 

Aussie shaped bar dimensions 7.5cm x 6cm

Natural soap Ingredients: pure essential oils of lemon myrtle, tea tree, lemon scented eucalyptus gum and tea tree. Also contains Australian green clay for cleansing and dried mint leaves.coconut oil, olive oil, lye (sodium hydroxide and purified water).