Travelling Australia With Kids
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Getting your own map of Australia as a download is the perfect solution for you if you  wish to print your own map to the size that you'd like or maybe you are just travelling too much to know where you would be and where we should post the physical maps that we sell to.

OR maybe you are teaching your children where you are and you'd like a map that you can continue to print more copies of.

A Cheap, Quick and Easy Solution to get your own map to record your travels

The TAWK Trip Tracker is a great map of Australia for you and your children to record your trip; to remember it and for the children, a chance to 'own' their trip.   A chance for them to highlight their favourite spots, show where they stopped and educationally to reinforce all the places they've visited and know where they are.  A way for them to track, personalise and most of all remember their trip.

Some print it on vinyl and stick on their van!